Entrevue avec Anna Sui partie III (Fragrances)

  • LH: So how about the fragrances you designed? They are very popular and smell like a dream. Do you wear different perfumes or just stick to one?
  • AS: I never really wore that many different fragrances. Usually, if there was something I liked, I enjoyed it for many many years. I may not have been much of a fragrance connoisseur, but I found that each of the fragrances I liked had particular characteristics and, I must admit, they have influenced my decisions in choosing the types of fragrances I wanted to create for my customers.
  • LH: So, what is the process of creating the fragrance? What do you incline to express your ideas when creating the fragrance individually?
  • AS: My favorite smells start with very sweet floral notes. Fruits add a tanginess and always at the bottom, incense-like, woody, powdery notes. Emotionally, each fragrance creates a mood and most importantly I believe gives other people a sense of your aura. I love contrasts and I’ve played on these themes in my cosmetics and certainly my fragrance.